Truth Social

In addition to broadcast and social/digital campaigns, during our stint on truth, my partner and I have created a few hundred social posts. 
Here are some of our personal favorites.


For Shark Week, we created a series of shark-related posts informing our audience how cigarettes affect these majestic creatures of the deep.


Fact: Smoking dulls your taste buds. To spread awareness, we worked with truth to create a mini-series of animated shorts starring best buds, Taste, an enthusiastic optimist, and Bud, an existential nihilist who’s become quite dull.


For truth's "Business or Exploitation?" journalism-based campaign, we took a page from news publishers' playbooks and created a series of Snapchat ads designed to look just like Snapchat's Discover news content/reports.


To show how smoking can cause irregular periods, we had a little fun with the idea of a messed up “flow.”